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Putting the Autonomous in Auto

Posted by Jesus Grana on 9/19/22 9:00 AM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI August 2022)

ICYMI - Indeed August presented more of the usual headlines we’ve come to expect from today’s auto industry (chip shortage, EV batteries and charging infrastructure investment). But this month, we also saw more articles on autonomous vehicle plans beyond the usual robotaxi tests going on. We learned about further investment outside the “otherwise usual suspects” and investments surfacing, with the most salient in this month’s highlights below.

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The Old, The New & The Improved

Posted by Jesus Grana on 8/18/22 9:30 AM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI July 2022)

ICYMI This month, it’s clear that OEMs “old” and new are giving it their all as it relates not just to EVs, but to the connected car experience as well. Timeless brands becoming electric, connected car services expanding enabled by software expanding, and soon charging your EV may be easier than pulling up to a gas station – read our July article highlights to learn more.

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The New Normal: Investment, Innovation and Change

Posted by Jesus Grana on 7/13/22 12:00 PM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI June 2022)

ICYMI - I doubt many would disagree with the statement that the future of mobility is coming faster than we can discard the past. While it’s true that supply chain disruptions and chip availability have continued to slow down production, it by no means has slowed down innovation and change.

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Leadership & The Cost of Electrification

Posted by Jesus Grana on 6/21/22 1:30 PM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI May 2022)

ICYMI - As we approach the middle of 2022, electric vehicles and their ecosystem continue to dominate the news. May was no exception and interestingly, two themes seem to have dwarfed all others. The first is about Tesla positioned as the OEM to beat, or at least as the current benchmark for sales. Moving forward, design, performance and customer experience will be key drivers in crowning the next EV leader for sure. The second is all about investments flowing into electrification, which is probably only matched by infrastructure investment in the USA.

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