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CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI January 2022)

Posted by Jesus Grana on 2/15/22 11:00 AM

 A collection of curated stories from client industries, CX and global trends that grab our attention. 

ICYMI - We’re starting our 2022 retrospective with a January that has no shortage of compelling news! The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) came and went with two very exciting stories, and the rest of our articles this month continue some important stories around used cars and subscription opportunities – two areas I’ve posted about for a while but is finally happening “for real” this time. More importantly, there’s growing literature detailing consumer feedback regarding these sources of OEM revenue.
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The Future Is Now: Intelligent Personal Assistants, Driving for Doughnuts, Subscriptions Versus Ownership

Posted by Jesus Grana on 1/10/18 3:58 PM

Based on a sample of late 2017 announcements, we expect 2018 to continue heating up the future of connected car services.

Like many strategists following the industry, we are obsessed with news related to the automotive industry’s future and how new technology will influence the world of customer service. In this post, we’re highlighting announcements that we find most interesting and most likely to become longer-lasting trends (not fads). These three are worth sharing and keeping close tabs on.

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