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ICYMI - BPO News Roundup (Jan. 2021)

A collection of curated stories from client industries, CX and global trends that grab our attention. 

One final look back at 2020? Certainly! Here are some of the newsworthy headlines we read as 2020 disappeared in our rearview window: 

  1. Microsoft has a new challenger. In early December, Inc. purchased Slack Technologies Inc. for $27.7 billion. What does this mean for their bottom line – and for Microsoft? Read up here.
  2. Yoshi could roam your streets soon! No, not the dinosaur from Super Mario. One of the Detroit Three is investing $23 million into this Silicon Valley-based car maintenance service start-up. Here’s what Yoshi’s all about and why it’s caught the attention of several prominent investors since its Series A funding round in 2018.
  3. Fiat Chrysler & PSA: Rivals ... Friends!? Both automakers received EU antitrust approval for their $38 billion merger this month. Their goals are twofold: Fund cleaner vehicles and survive the global pandemic. The deal is slated to close in Q1 2021, and the details are here.
  4. When government and automakers can't agree. The FCC just approved a rule change for automotive communications to be open to unlicensed Wi-Fi use. But experts in the field aren’t convinced this is a safety improvement, as CV2X is still untested. What are your thoughts?

2021 is a brand-new adventure, all. Let’s go boldly into it with our best feet forward!