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Thankful for an All-Electric Future Part 2: News From the CES

Posted by Jesus Grana on 1/29/21 9:15 AM

Back at the end of November, I posted about the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and how optimistic that future looked. And like a dynamo, EVs are building power across the auto industry, showing no signs of slowdown or discharge.

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Thankful for an All-Electric Future

Posted by Jesus Grana on 11/27/20 7:15 AM

The holidays are just about here, and already some are putting up Christmas lights, decorations and motion lights on their siding.

How fitting, then, that current news from the world's biggest automakers all involve electricity.

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It's Time For Autos To Learn About “The Chasm”

Posted by Jesus Grana on 4/10/18 11:16 AM

As an enthusiast of the future of mobility, I was surprised to read the following recent headline and accompanying article: Study Shows Alarming Driving Behavior by Age and Mistrust of Self-Driving.

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