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Chatbot vs. Agent ... Friend, Foe or Partner?

Posted by Jesus Grana on 5/14/19 4:29 PM
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If you’re like us, you love watching trends develop – especially when it comes to technology that “WOWs” your customer.

We ran across an article this morning that tackles the topic of chatbots and their ability to satisfy customers.

Chatbots Useful for Some Customer Service, but Can't Do Everything Yet  

In a nutshell, just like IVR, chatbots are expanding their ability to provide satisfactory customer service, but still can’t deliver the “WOW” service consistent with exceeding customer expectations. To make it to the promised land of “exceeded expectations,” just like an IVR, the most successful systems are paired with agents who take over on more complex issues.

The chart below – reproduced from the article – is good summary of current expectations versus actual capabilities:


If first chat resolution is the gold standard for service delivery via this channel, then the marriage between agent and bot needs to continue its evolution.

In the meantime we’ll keep watching consumer behavior and try to spot the next stop on this journey.

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