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ICYMI - BPO News Roundup (Feb. 2021)

Posted by Jesus Grana on 2/8/21 9:15 AM
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EV is not the only acronym you’ll want to familiarize yourself with this year. As we begin 2021, companies across multiple industries are delving into AI (Artificial Intelligence), either augmenting EV technology or having autonomous robots aid customer service areas.

  1. Rise of the machines! More and more companies are embracing robots as a means to ease customer service tasks, and the auto industry is no exception. For instance, Volkswagen is finally bringing its EV-charging robot into production, and Hyundai introduced DAL-e this month, an automated robot that promises to assist dealerships with customer support. How sophisticated is this AI? How else can this technology be used? Time will tell.
  2. Email read by your car? It's more likely than you think. Microsoft just announced a new feature in iOS Version 2.45 (20122801) that includes a Try Car and Smart Compose mode, which means that it’s possible for your car to receive and send emails on the go. They’re still working on the technology; see how far they’ve come here.
  3. A bird...a plane...no, that's a flying car! Archer Aviation has just announced a partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to build the world’s first all-electric airline. Around the same time, a senior GM executive described a Cadillac concept for their own VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) drone, detailing the specs and all. How soon will flying cars be in our future? Very!
  4. Inner peace in the passenger seat. That’s Cadillac’s goal as it unveiled its vision of vehicle as extension of the home at CES 2021 this year. Its shuttle concept car aims to be a “social space for a group of friends or family to spend time together on their way to a destination,” according to GM VP of Global Design Michael Simcoe. See what you think of this idea here

Are we finally making steps toward a Jetsons-like future, where automation is king and flying cars are everywhere? Is that reference too old? I don’t know, but I do know that what was once science fiction is increasingly a reality with each passing day.



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