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ICYMI - BPO News Roundup (Jan. 2020)

Posted by Jesus Grana on 1/22/20 2:28 PM
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A collection of curated stories from client industries, CX and global trends that grab our attention. 

Happy New Year! Let’s dive right in. Here’s the top content resonating with our BPO SMEs as we close out 2019 and begin 2020. They all happen to relate to the biggest trends we’re seeing in the automotive industry.

  1. Have you noticed all the automotive consolidations lately? For example, FCA and PSA recently agreed to a $50 billion merger and are now considered the world’s fourth largest automaker. Learn more

  2. Car and ride sharing continues to swell. No big surprise there. What’s unexpected is that use has advanced so much that even the former president of a global OEM is calling for the end of car ownership. Who said this and why?

  3. The race to develop/enhance electric and autonomous vehicles zooms ahead. The result? A proliferation of partnerships between OEMs and tech companies. One of the latest: GM and LG Chem are teaming up on electric vehicle batteries. Get the details

Lots of new relationships are blossoming in the midst of winter.

Thanks for reading, and stay warm.



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