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ICYMI - BPO News Roundup (Apr. 2020)

Posted by Jesus Grana on 4/7/20 7:00 AM
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A collection of curated stories from client industries, CX and global trends that grab our attention. 

As COVID-19 hit the U.S. like a lion in March, the automobile industry had to figure out ways to adapt to a new world where drivers stayed home. 

  1. With novel viruses comes novel rules of service engagement. Customer service professionals must redefine how they do business by relocating their agents and managers into home offices, creating new ways to support them during this crisis. Here are five ways they're doing just that.  
  2. How does one keep car hype alive if no one's driving? Auto shopping fell to its lowest level in six years, and automakers had to create new ways to keep customers engaged. I found a glimpse of what to expect with this news.
  3. Detroit's Big Three aren't rolling the dice on employee health. As the need for more PPE became apparent, three major U.S. automakers stepped up by closing plants to ensure their workers' wellbeing. What else are they doing?
  4. There's a new ventilator producer in town. General Motors and Ford refocusing production to producing much-needed ventilators? You bet! Read how they're joining the fight against COVID-19

Only weeks into quarantine and already I must ask: Is it 2021 yet?



Topics: customer engagement, automotive industry, Coronavirus


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