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Connected Car Update: Tier 1 Doubles; OEMs Join Forces

Posted by Jesus Grana on 10/29/18 4:39 PM
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In a previous blog post, we discussed the ever-expanding number of connected car suppliers and how the Tier 1 concept would eventually redefine itself.

We also called to our auto partners’ attention the need to secure this new world in their hands and not cede it to our friends in Silicon Valley.

I am happy to provide this update:

  • Tier 1 continues to expand with potential suppliers.
  • The auto industry is taking the right steps to remain ahead of the trends by forming partnerships and alliances.

Connected Car Landscape

Spoke Intelligence reports that in a little over a year, the list of players in the connected car ecosystem has expanded from 277 to 566. That’s a 104% increase.

October 2018 Connected Car Landscape

PDF Source 

As we previously mentioned, this expanding list of players could bring more opportunities than challenges to our discerning auto executive partners.

And here’s even better news that makes me confident that the future belongs to them.

Partnerships & Alliances

In October alone, the press was chock-full of news about how the auto industry is responding to and preparing for connected car opportunities.

For example, in the headlines:

And probably the best summary of the month’s activity:

In summary, here are two thoughts to consider:

  1. I am confident these trends, which we have been bullish on, will continue. The future belongs to the auto industry.
  2. If the Connected Car Landscape chart included a section for automotive customer contact center services, Morley would be there. We’re looking toward the future to be an integral part of this emerging space.


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