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The Electric Ecosystem Taking Shape

Posted by Jesus Grana on 1/23/23 9:59 AM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI November & December 2022)

ICYMI For the end of the year we were hard at work like Santa’s elves keeping clients and readers like you abreast of the evolving trends and topics that continue to keep EVs on top of the headlines. 

November was no exception, as more and more attention was given to the infrastructure to support EVs. What may be more surprising is that despite the “disillusionment” we posted in previous months surrounding the autonomous vehicle market, investments are still moving forward as if there was no hesitation at all. The future waits for no one! 

With this said, we can't wait to read about all the January CES announcements in Vegas and share the ones we find the most noteworthy with you.

Without further ado, together with our best new year's wishes, let’s dive in to what happened at the end of 2022.

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Automobiles Going Soft(ware)

Posted by Jesus Grana on 11/15/22 12:00 PM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI October 2022)

ICYMI - October brought us many stories in the auto investment (and disinvestment) space. Headlines are seeming to move away from EVs and batteries for the time being, and instead are focusing on software both enabling connected car services and allowing autonomous driving.  
Let’s examine all the areas OEMs are investing and partnering in next for software technology an area that will bring opportunities for customer experience to improve, as services are expanded and real-time updates bring extra services to the mobility experience.

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Charges Aplenty, Chips a Scarcity

Posted by Jesus Grana on 10/14/22 9:30 AM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI September 2022)

ICYMI - September marked the return of the Detroit Auto Show after a three-year hiatus! While it wasn’t as well attended as prior years, the Detroit Three were very engaged; a well summarized review of the show can be found here: Fuel For Thought: Detroit Auto Show 2022 – An Industry In Transition.  

It’s in the spirit of transition that we found a couple of trends in this month’s articles highlights, ranging from new EV players, a boost to renewable EV power and more.  

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Putting the Autonomous in Auto

Posted by Jesus Grana on 9/19/22 9:00 AM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI August 2022)

ICYMI - Indeed August presented more of the usual headlines we’ve come to expect from today’s auto industry (chip shortage, EV batteries and charging infrastructure investment). But this month, we also saw more articles on autonomous vehicle plans beyond the usual robotaxi tests going on. We learned about further investment outside the “otherwise usual suspects” and investments surfacing, with the most salient in this month’s highlights below.

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Could New Entrants Change the Customer Experience?

Posted by Jesus Grana on 8/31/22 9:00 AM

 A collection of curated stories from client industries, CX and global trends that grab our attention. 

ICYMI - It’s been a minute since our last blog post about trends in the health care industry! But don’t let that fool you into thinking there’s been no news. Since the pandemic, the “race” for better health care and increased customer expectations continues to accelerate.
While mental health and improved eldercare is often in the news, we have also noticed greater buzz around non-traditional players investing and growing their health care activities, and more interest in understanding and improving the customer experience in all of health care, particularly for payer/plans.
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The Old, The New & The Improved

Posted by Jesus Grana on 8/18/22 9:30 AM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI July 2022)

ICYMI This month, it’s clear that OEMs “old” and new are giving it their all as it relates not just to EVs, but to the connected car experience as well. Timeless brands becoming electric, connected car services expanding enabled by software expanding, and soon charging your EV may be easier than pulling up to a gas station – read our July article highlights to learn more.

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The New Normal: Investment, Innovation and Change

Posted by Jesus Grana on 7/13/22 12:00 PM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI June 2022)

ICYMI - I doubt many would disagree with the statement that the future of mobility is coming faster than we can discard the past. While it’s true that supply chain disruptions and chip availability have continued to slow down production, it by no means has slowed down innovation and change.

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Leadership & The Cost of Electrification

Posted by Jesus Grana on 6/21/22 1:30 PM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI May 2022)

ICYMI - As we approach the middle of 2022, electric vehicles and their ecosystem continue to dominate the news. May was no exception and interestingly, two themes seem to have dwarfed all others. The first is about Tesla positioned as the OEM to beat, or at least as the current benchmark for sales. Moving forward, design, performance and customer experience will be key drivers in crowning the next EV leader for sure. The second is all about investments flowing into electrification, which is probably only matched by infrastructure investment in the USA.

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EV Trucks: More Than Meets the Eye

Posted by Jesus Grana on 5/10/22 3:23 PM

CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI April 2022)

ICYMI - It’s true that truck electrification and the race to secure raw battery materials seem to have dominated auto headlines this April. But it’s also true that some interesting articles on patents and innovations going on in the industry demonstrate how the industry keeps improving the customer’s experience. Keep on reading to find out what we mean...

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CX Insights - Trend Watch - Automotive Industry (ICYMI March 2022)

Posted by Jesus Grana on 4/12/22 9:30 AM

 A collection of curated stories from client industries, CX and global trends that grab our attention. 

ICYMI - The end of the first quarter maintained the same type of headlines we have experienced over the past couple of years – disruption in supply chains as well as semiconductor supplies causing production changes and stoppages. 

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