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Reflections on Conscientious Collaboration

Posted by Michele Hutchinson on 7/7/20 7:00 AM
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Not long ago I read an article on ICF Next regarding conscientious collaboration and the need for the travel and tourism industry to embrace a more inclusive mindset.

If you’re not familiar, ICF Next describes their mission as “helping your organization find opportunity in disruption,” and there’s never been a more disruptive time in recent years than COVID-19.

The article’s main point was simple: Businesses in our industry must develop a conscientious reentry plan once restrictions lift, as well as a willingness to collaborate with supply partners, vendors and even competitors if need be to meet the demands of this new world. The end result? Restore travel confidence by convincing customers that hotels and organizers are doing all they can to create the safest travel experience possible.

One passage states that “An industry looking to re-birth itself from ground zero would be wise to develop fit-for-purpose solutions that address the sustainability agenda in this new age of travel.” But for those of us who have operated in the travel industry for decades, we know that sustainability is a word that’s not just applicable to environmental causes. It’s also a social word as well.

And it’s at the heart of how we operate at Morley, even before COVID-19, and I suspect other companies as well.

It wasn’t that long ago that many companies adopted sustainability practices in an effort to reduce their carbon footprint for the common good. Maintaining constant communication with vendors and supply partners is vital to ensure all aspects of a travel or meeting program go smoothly, but it’s also important for relationship building between these groups.

The next step in our industry’s evolution is striking the balance between safety and business sustainability as we navigate the post-COVID world. This may mean open dialogue with these partners to find creative, innovative solutions to restoring demand. Already we see technology doing some of that work, but what other ways can we create positive change in the way we do business?

Actions speak louder than words, and there’s never been a more vital time to prove that.  

See us at Morley if you'd like to join our collaborative efforts as we help our clients book their future.



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